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The Growing Meth Problem In Australia

Meth contamination which is an invisible contaminant has no real odour. It is a very real issue for people buying or renting property and can cost thousands of dollars to remediate. Heavy meth use accounts for majority of contamination issues along with meth labs which are still being detected. A regular meth test is the solution.

Tackling the issue with a meth test

Meth residue screening establishes the safety and liability risks within a new property before tenants move in or when a sale transaction is completed. A regular meth test provides a deterrent to meth use and manufacture which can also detect contamination problems early when they are not as costly to fix.

WHY choose meth detect?

At Meth Detect, our primary focus is sampling properties for methamphetamine, so we can provide an unbiased assessment of your property. The samples are taken correctly according to industry code of practice & analysis is conducted using an NATA accredited laboratory which enables you to have confidence in the results.

A Meth Test is Useful For


  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Professional Entities


  • Property Owners
  • Private Investors
  • Concerned Parents & Tenants


  • Insurance Companies
  • Local Councils
  • Housing Providers

a regular meth test for rental properties is fast becoming best practice in australia

Regular property inspections to identify maintenance issues are expected by both tenants and landlords these days. Screening for meth residue should be part of this regular routine. Apart from the obvious benefits of detecting residue when levels are low enough to make decontamination relatively easy, the chances of meth use on the property decrease substantially, because tenants know the property will have a meth screen regularly.